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Lego Group

Toy blocks are the building blocks of success at LEGO. Keeping little hands busy worldwide for decades, the LEGO Group was founded in 1932 and has made more than 480 billion of its interlocking toys. A subsidiary of Kirkbi, the LEGO Group is still privately owned by its Danish founding family. In a nod to kids' growing high-tech skills, the toymaker offers LEGO Mindstorms to build PC-programmable robots and BIONICLE sets that feature an evolving online story line. Other collections include LEGO Space Police and LEGO City. It makes its Star Wars and Indiana Jones toys under license with Lucasfilm. The group owns namesake retail outlets in the US and Europe and sells its products in more than 130 countries. Vice chairman Kjeld Kirk Kristiansen, grandson of the founder, is LEGO's majority shareholder, with the LEGO Foundation owning 25% of the LEGO Group (Source: Hoovers Company Profile; 

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