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MECH 436 / MECH 536 - Fundamentals of Injury Biomechanics

MEDLINE (Ovid) Tutorials

Searching MEDLINE (Ovid)

Search MEDLINE on the Ovid platform. 

The Search History in MEDLINE keeps your searches organized. For each step of your search, it records what you searched and how many items were found. Within this history you can combine searches with AND to narrow the results, or with OR for a wider search. 



1. This is the MAIN search page. Click on SEARCH to return here. 

2. Use MY ACCOUNT to store saved search histories and set up alerts

3. Use HELP to access more information about searching

4. Use VIEW SAVED to find and run your saved searches

5. MY WORKSPACE is another access point to your saved searches

PubMed vs. Ovid Medline

Many people find Ovid Medline easier to search than PubMed. Ovid Medline:

  • usually suggests more relevant MeSH terms than PubMed does
  • makes it easier to read and manage a long, complex search strategy
  • offers the "adj" operator to search for words near each other

Ovid Medline and PubMed contain the same content, so there's generally no need to search them both.