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This research guide has been designed to help students, faculty and researchers in Anthropology access and utilize relevant resources available through UBC Library.

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Call Numbers in Anthropology

What are Call Numbers?

Call numbers are a combination of letters and numbers that indicate the location of an item in the library. UBC Library uses the Library of Congress (LC) classification system. Each book is assigned a unique combination of letters and numbers. The initial group of letters and numbers indicate the topic of a book. Because books are arranged in call number order, you can find books on similar topics in the same area of the library.


Call Numbers for Anthropology

Browsing the stacks can be a useful way to find books on your topic. It may lead you down paths you hadn't considered!

The table below shows the main call numbers for Anthropology. Have a look at the Library directory to see which call numbers fall on which floor.


Call Number   


CC    Archaeology
GF Human Ecology. Anthropogeography
GN Anthropology
GN 49 Physical Anthropology
GN 281 Human Evolution
GN 300 Ethnology, Social, and Cultural Anthropology
GN 502-517 Psychological Anthropology
GN 700 Prehistoric Archaeology
GR Folklore                                                                                      
GT Manners and Customs
P Philology. Linguistics

Subject Headings in Anthropology

What are Subject Headings?

Subject Headings are standard terms used by the University of British Columbia Library (and most other college and university libraries) to show the subjects of library materials. Subject headings are assigned to all items listed in the online catalog, which makes it easier to find books on the same or similar topics.

These terms are published in four large red volumes, called Library of Congress Subject Headings, or LCSH (sometimes called simply "the big red books"). The set is located at the Humanities and Social Sciences reference desk on 2nd floor of Koerner Library. Sometimes you can guess the proper Subject Heading, but generally it is better to refer to the books. You can also ask a librarian for help!

Tip: Every record in the UBC Library catalogue shows the subject headings that have been assigned to the item. Subject headings are hyperlinked, so you can click on the term to see other materials on the same topic.

Have a look at  "Global Archaeological Theory: Contextual Voices and Contemporary Thoughts" (Click on the title: a new tab will open) This book has been assigned subjects Archaeology, Material Culture, and Ethnology. If you click on one of these Subject headings, you will be able to see all the books that UBC Library has on that topic.


Subject Headings for Anthropology

The broad Subject Heading for Anthropology is: Anthropology  
For more specific material, you could also use these narrower terms: Ethnology Material Culture
  Physical Anthropology Folklore
  Anthropological linguistics Kinship
  Applied anthropology Human geography
  Archaeology Human Evolution
  Medical anthropology Primitive societies
  Feminist anthropology Sociolinguistics
  Marxist anthropology Language and languages
You can also try looking under specific group or tribe names. Some examples: Cayapo Indians
Javanese (Indonesian people)
  Quiche Indians Yupik Eskimos
Or, you could use a specific country name, followed by another term. For example Canada - Ethnic relations  
  Latin America - Race relations  
  Japan - Foreign public opinion