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This research guide has been designed to help students, faculty and researchers in Anthropology access and utilize relevant resources available through UBC Library.

Key Resources for Anthropology

  • Anthropology Plus
    The main index for Anthropology. Start here!
  • AnthroSource
    Full-text journal database of the American Anthropological Association's journals and bulletins.
  • eHRAF World Cultures
    Full text ethnographic materials.
  • Annual Review of Anthropology
    Comprehensive critical reviews on topics in Anthropology. The reviews summarize a topic and guide you to the principal contributions of the field. Search the archives for your topic to see if a review has been written on your area of research.
  • Oxford Bibligraphies Online - Anthropology
    Overview articles for more than 180 topics in anthropology and archaeology. Each article includes citations to and contextualization of key works on a topic.

Online Reference Sources