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Manage Your Research Data

Research data is data created or generated as part of a research project, and may include numeric data, text, transcripts, images, video and audio recordings, and more. Good research data management prevents data loss, stores data securely and facilitates data sharing.

UBC Library offers advice and services for research data management, including 

Learn more at the UBC Library Research Data Management Website and with the Portage Network Training Materials, or attend one of the Library’s workshops. Check the instruction calendar for dates and times. Workshops are added to the calendar at the beginning of each term.


Part of managing your research data includes managing your author profile, allowing your citations to be properly attributed and linked to you. One type of author profile is linked to an ORCID iD, a type of personal persistent identifier. ORCID is an international non-profit organization. In Canada, the ORCID-CA consortium is administered by the Canadian Research Knowledge Network (CKRN) with dozens of members. They hope to register all researchers in Canada for an ORCID iD to use throughout their careers. ORCID iD’s allow researchers to connect all of their research to a singular, unique record.

An ORCID iD is yours, for your entire career. Even if your name changes or you move between countries, postings, or fields, your ORCID iD remains unchanged. You will commonly see ORCID iD’s listed on publications and requested in grant applications. ORCID iD’s can be represented as a unique URL or as a QR code, allowing you to add it to anything you wish, including publications, CV’s, personal websites, business cards, and presentations with ease. ORCID iD allows you to compile your works and other pertinent information into a profile accessible through your ORCID iD.

Register for your ORCID iD here:


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Contact Information

For personalized assistance with research data management or to arrange a workshop, please email