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ASIA 453: Primary Sources

Primary Sources

In the context of this course, primary sources include maps and the texts written by Japanese travellers.


In the UBC Library Catalogue

  • Search by author if you know the name of a Japanese travel diarist, for example
    Michitsuna no Haha

Digitized Resources


  • Japanese Text Initiative
    The University of Virgina Library site offers the full-text of a selection of pre-modern and modern Japanese literary works. (Texts are in Japanese).


  • Japanese Maps of the Tokugawa Era (Rare Books and Special Collections, UBC Library)
    Digitized maps from one of the world's largest collections of maps and guidebooks of the Japanese Tokugawa period, ca. 1600-1867.  Text on the maps is in Japanese, but you can search by place name in English.


Ask a Librarian

Japanese Language Materials
Shirin Eshghi

English Language Materials
Allan Cho

Rare Books and Special Collections
Katherine Kalsbeek