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JAPN 400 - Advanced Modern Japanese: Reading and Writing I

Library research guide for Michiko Suzuki Sensei's JAPN400: Advanced Modern Japanese: Reading and Writing I (Winter 2023).

Databases & Indexes

Reference and newspaper databases

Watch a 5-minute video on how to find Japanese newspapers in Factiva.

Article indexes



Tips on Google searching

When searching Google, limit your search to academic domains.

  • will limit the search results to those published within Japanese academic institution sites
  • file:pdf will further limits to publications available in PDF

Example search strategy: 宮崎駿 想像  See the results here.

Helpful Websites

Reading Aids

Provides furigana and definitions for kanji characters on web pages. Users can also paste text into the search field, and this will generate a page with the definitions and furigana. In addition, the site offers "rikaichan" and "rikaikun" plugins for Firefox and Chrome respectively.