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Indigenous Librarianship

What is GLAM?

GLAM is an acronym for the words: galleries, libraries, archives and museums. GLAM institutions are mainly cultural heritage institutions and form a sector of industry that has access to information, knowledge keeping, knowledge dissemination, cultural heritage and preservation as some broad values.

Work is being done in some GLAM institutions to facilitate cultural responsiveness, reconciliation and repatriation with regard to cultural heritage materials.

Featured GLAM Initiatives

This "Indigenous Repatriation Handbook" is published by the Royal BC Museum and was created through collaboration with the museum's Indigenous Collections and Repatriation Department, the Haida Gwaii Museum at Kay Llnagaay, the First Peoples’ Cultural Council and the Royal BC Museum Indigenous Advisory and Advocacy Committee. The Handbook "is based on the knowledge and experiences of a number of Indigenous communities in BC, as well as staff of the Royal BC Museum, who collectively have been working on repatriation for the past 30 or more years. The handbook is meant to serve as a reference and is not intended to be prescriptive; rather, it provides guidance on activities related to the process of repatriation (pp. 16)."