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Climate Action Week

(cyclist image by amjad ali ali on Pixabay)

UBC & City of Vancouver Goals

Taking Action

Here are some actions you can take to commute more sustainably:

Plan your commute

  • Find your best commute based on time, cost, and carbon emissions using Commutifi - see if you can improve your commuter score!

Use active transportation

Commute in a group 

  • Public transit. Activate the U-Pass on your Compass Card to take advantage of Vancouver and UBC's extensive bus and train system. Visit the UBC Transit and Translink websites to learn about your transit options and plan your routes.
  • Carpooling. Download the Liftango app to coordinate carpooling with other UBC students, faculty, and staff. Drivers get a $2 HONK parking credit per daily trip!
  • Car sharing. Want to carpool but don't own a car? Take advantage of one of the two car sharing programs available on campus, Modo and Evo.
  • Campus shuttles. Once you are on campus there are multiple accessible mobility options, including the 68 and 70 buses and the Accessibility Shuttle.

Books: Introduction to Transportation and Sustainability

Books: Urban Planning and Sustainable Transit

Books: Equity and Access