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Euromonitor Reports

Access Passport GMID database, then accept the Terms and Conditions.

  • Berlin city report (Economies -> Cities -> City Reports -> Berlin)
  • Euromonitor: Germany Country Profile (Economies -> Economy, Finance and Trade -> Country Reports -> Germany)
  • Business Dynamics: Germany (Economies -> Business Dynamics -> Country Reports -> Germany)
  • Consumer Lifestyles in Germany (Consumers -> Lifestyles -> Country Reports -> Germany)
  • Digital Consumer in Germany (Consumers -> Digital Consumer -> Country Reports -> Germany)
  • Top 5 countries With the Largest Labour Force Declines (Query: labor force / Analysis tab)

Angela Merkel

Access Factiva database, then go to Search tab. Type "Angela Merkel" AND Chancellor AND Europe. Set date to be in the last 1 year.

  • Macron’s move to make Europe responsible for its own security. The Australian. 20 November 2018
  • An Ex-Rival and a Protégée Vie to Replace Merkel as German Conservatives’ Leader. International New York Times. 20 November 2018
  • Financial disunity; Germany scuppers grand French plans for euro zone budget.
    Handelsblatt Global. 19 November 2018.
  • Macron: ‘Franco-German Couple’ Will Stop World ‘Descending into Chaos’, Warns Against ‘Nationalism’. 19 November 2018.
  • Berlin's economic power creates 'new fear of Germany' across EU. Deutsche Welle.  19 November 2018.
  • EU Braces for Economic Turmoil as German GDP Contracts in Q3. Sputnik News Service. 14 November 2018. 
  • German president urges patience ahead of SA visit. The Sunday Times. 18 November 2018.

Other sources:

International Labour


Access eMarketer database, then go to Search tab to find the following articles:

  • Media Users, Germany
  • Ad Blocking in Germany 2018: Sizing Up Europe’s Largest, Most Privacy-Conscious Market (also contains data on consumer attitudes towards online advertising in Germany).

Access BCC Research database, then go to Search tab to find the following articles:

  • Learning Management Systems: Global Markets (mentions Germany)
  • Educational Equipment and Software: Global Markets

Access ThomsonOne database (Internet Explorer only), then go to Screening & Analysis tab, then Research, then Research Search. Set date to past year.

  • Germany Software and Information Technology industry report. 2018.

towards online advertising in Germany).

Access WARC database, then go to Search tab to find the following articles:

  • Germany, Media consumption overview, 2012-2018
  • Look Who’s Talking: How consumer insight is transforming development culture at Babbel

Access Factiva database, then go to Search tab.

  • Germany : The Web of Data - Online course on "Linked Data Engineering" at the Hasso Plattner Institute. 2016.
  • Germany : Supported by Volkswagen Group of America, The Museum of Modern Art expands its online course offerings. 2017.


Access Passport GMID database to find  (Analysis Tab)

  • Video Games in Germany country report (Query: video gaming / Analysis tab)
  • Video Games software Germany company shares (and other stats) (Query: video gaming / Statistics tab)
  • Digital innovators: from artificial intelligence to personalisation 2.0 (Query: artificial intelligence)
  • Digital consumers (Consumers -> Digital consumers -> Country)

Access CB Insights database to find (Query: artificial intelligence OR gaming):

  • Artificial intelligence trends to watch in 2018
  • AI 100: the artificial intelligence startups redefining industries
  • Microsoft Looks To Patent AI For Detecting Video Game Cheaters

Access Gartner to find (Query: artificial intelligence):

  • Hype cycle for artificial intelligence, 2018
  • Laying the foundation for artificial intelligence and machine learning: a Gartner trend insight report
  • Where you should use artificial intelligence - and why

Access Warc: World Advertising Research Center to find (Query: localization OR video game):

  • How global brands resonate across cultures
  • Uber goes big with A/B testing, localization and experiential marketing
  • What we know about marketing via gaming
  • Marketing Strategy (Topics -> Marketing Strategy)

Access the UBC Library Catalogue to find (Filter: last 3 years):

  • Artificial intelligence and games
  • "video game localization"

Access Factiva to find Technavio industry reports (Query: video game / Sources: uncheck "Exclude discontinued sources" and search for "Technavio"):

  • Global Video Games Advertising Market 2016-2020
  • Global MMO Games Market 2015-2019

Access eMarketer to find:

  • Video Game Revenues Worldwide, by Country/Region

Bräugier Craftbier

Access Passport GMID database, then go to Search tab and type beer to find the following articles in the Analysis tab:

  • Craft Beer: Coming of Age or Past Its Prime?
  • The Evolution of Craft: A New Era for Beer?
  • Beer country reports (eg. Beer in France)
  • Statistics by country such as market size, brand shares, distribution, etc.
  • Consumers lifestyles (Consumers -> Lifestyles -> Country)
  • Cities (Economies -> Cities)

Access IBIS World Industry Reports database to find:

  • Global beer manufacturing (Query: beer / Filter: Global)

Access Factiva to find Technavio industry reports (Query: beer / Sources: uncheck "Exclude discontinued sources" and search for "Technavio"):

  • Beer market in Europe 2016-2020
  • Global beer market 2016-2020


Access Passport GMID database, then search for:

  • Airbnb Inc in travel (world) company profile (Query: Airbnb)
  • Income and Expenditure country reports (Consumers -> Income and Expenditure -> Country)
  • Consumers lifestyles country reports (Consumers -> Lifestyles -> Country)
  • Countries (Query: [name of the country] country report) Eg. Travel in Germany country report
  • Cities (Economies -> Cities)

Access Warc: World Advertising Research Center to find:

  • Airbnb case studies, such as "Airbnb: don't go there, live there", "Airbnb: never a stranger", etc (Query: Airbnb)
  • Travel accommodation case studies (Query: travel accommodation)
  • Expedia research reveals global travel trends
  • Pitch support tool (Tools -> Pitch support)

Access eMarketer to find:

  • Reports related to travel marketing (Query: travel / Filter: Report)
  • Worldwide Digital Travel Sales: eMarketer's Estimates for 2016–2021
  • Change in Loyalty to Brands According to Internet Users in Germany, by Industry
  • Social media statistics (Query: social media / Filter: Report)


Access ABI/INFORM to find:

  • Germany real estate report: 2019 (Query: "Germany real estate")

Access IBIS World Industry Reports database to find:

Access Passport GMID database to find: 

  • Construction and real estate in Western Europe (Query: "real estate" / Tab: Analysis)
  • Countries (Query: [name of the country] country report)
  • Cities (Economies -> Cities)

Access Business Source Complete database to find:

  • Country risk ratings report (Query: [name of the country] country report). Ex. Germany: Country Report

Access Warc: World Advertising Research Center to find:

  • Pitch support tools (Tools -> Pitch support)
  • Real estate case studies (Query: real estate). Limit by Geography on the left side.

Access CB Insights to find (Query: real estate): You must create a Password on your first visit and sign up for an account using your UBC email address.

  • The future of real estate tech
  • The future of housing: from home building to city planning, tech giants & startups are reimagining where & how we live
  • Where real estate tech companies are buying & flipping homes

Access the UBC Library Catalogue to find (Query: real estate):

  • Wealth opportunities in commercial real estate: management, financing and marketing of investment properties
  • Real estate investment trusts in Europe: evolution, regulation, and opportunities for growth