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Basic Library Skills Tutorial: Home

A 5-module tutorial on learning about the library, services, support, and tools for beginning your research.

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Welcome to the Basic Library Skills Tutorial


The purpose of the tutorial is to help you become familiar with the collections and services at UBC Library and to cover the basics of conducting research at UBC.  There are five modules in this tutorial and each module has a "Test Your Knowledge" quiz.

This tutorial should take an hour to complete    

Each tab is one module in the Basic Library Skills Tutorial.  

The modules consist of the following:

  • A video or textual tutorial covering a subject on using the library.
  • A quiz title, "Test Your Knowledge", that covers the content of the entire module.

To use the tutorial, select a module and review the content.  Use the quiz to test your understanding of the topic.

If you were assigned this tutorial as a part of a course, you may be asked for proof of completion. The following are two ways you can prove you have completed the course.


Test Your Knowledge Quiz

You can provide proof of completing the tutorial by completing the quiz and sending proof of completion to your professor.  See the following for details: Quiz Options


Research Paper Prep Worksheet

You may also be assigned the "Research Paper Prep Worksheet".  Complete the worksheet and bring it to the Research Help Desk in to the library.  Go through the worksheet with the librarian.  The librarian will sign and date the worksheet as proof of completion.  Hand this in to your instruction.  

Download the Research Paper Prep Worksheet