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COMM 390 - Business Writing

About the Business Case Assignment

The Business Case assignment requires you to explore a small to medium sized company that is operating in British Columbia and to write a report about its specific business problem, available options and the most ideal solution.

The list of companies provided are privately owned and they are not required to publish detailed financial statements or annual reports. When researching private companies, you will not have access to annual reports, financials, analyst reports, or SWOTs. You will have to use article databases, directories, the company's website, industry associations, and patent information sources. In some cases, even these sources may not reveal much information.

Refer to our Company Research Guide, which includes:

  • Guidelines in identifying private companies
  • Resources on articles and journals
  • Canadian rankings of companies

Refer to our Vancouver and Local Area information Guide, which includes:

  • Business and economic development of BC
  • Current articles and news on local businesses
  • Sources of demographics for Vancouver, Metro Vancouver and other BC municipalities and regions


Researching Private Companies

Example Company: Great Little Box Co.

You have chosen Great Little Box Co. Ltd., based in Richmond as your company.

Company Websites

Company Profiles in Canadian Directories

Popular and scholarly articles

Industry & Market Research reports