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LAW 307 / GRSJ 303 - Women, Law & Social Change

This research guide was created for Women, Law & Social Change students and lists some resources available in this area.

Textbooks or Treatises

Simple Search (default search)

  • Search using the exact title of a book or the name of an author by selecting relevant section in box on the right;
  • Or select keyword, linking key (or important) words by using Keyword (use AND,OR,NOT, or "a phrase").
  • Click on the entire record to see the location of the book and subject headings.
  • Click on the subject headings to expand searches and locate other useful materials on the same topic.


  • women and law and society
  • "feminist jurisprudence"

Guided Keyword Search

  • Allows you to search for terms in specific fields (author/title/subject/publisher fields)


  • human rights (as phrase) in subject field and women in title field