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LAW 307 / GRSJ 303 - Women, Law & Social Change

This research guide was created for Women, Law & Social Change students and lists some resources available in this area.

Legal Encyclopedias

  • Legal encyclopedias are multi-volume sets that provide overviews of the law, in narrative form, on a full range of legal topics; the commentary provides references and footnotes to primary sources, including relevant cases and legislation.
  • Standard features such as index volumes and ‘tables of contents’ at the beginning of each topic provide useful access points for researchers.
  • Cross-references to related topics covered in the encyclopedia direct you to issues and areas of the law that you may not have even considered.
  • If you are unfamiliar with a topic, or if you don’t even really know what your legal topic is, legal encyclopedias are an excellent place to begin your research.

Canadian Legal Encyclopedias

U.S. Legal Encyclopedias

United Kingdom