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UBC LIbrary Resources


UBC Library has scholarly and authoritative sources for information on current events. For accurate information on the events happening in Ukraine please consult our wide range of databases focusing on political science, history, journalism, international relations, NGOs and other interdisciplinary fields.

For up to date information, try the Current Events tab, which will focus on news and journalism websites and includes newspaper databases like Factiva where you can locate current issues of the Washington Post and New York Times.  For an historical overview,  take a look at some of the history databases under the History tab.

               Flag of Ukraine, Wikimedia

Background Information

UBC licensed digital and print books on NATO and Ukraine - Filters on the left hand side allow you to filter by date (i.e. last 5 years) or to choose e- books only. (Results are based on a keyword search for NATO, Ukraine)

UBC licensed digital and print books on Ukraine and Russia (Results are from a keyword search for Russia, Ukraine, filtered to last 5 years).

Central and eastern European Online Library (CEEOL) Over 1500 humanities and social-science periodicals from and about central and eastern Europe. Also includes over 1000 open-access monographs. UBC Library only subscribes to some content. Some content is Open Access.

Europa World Plus - UBC Library has access to Europa World, the online version of the Europa World Year Book. Includes reference information on Ukraine and the Russian Federation with recent news updates. 

Political Science/International Affairs Databases

JSTOR Collection -  areas of concentration include Security Studies and Slavic Studies