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EDUC 500 - Research Methodology in Education

Annotated Bibliography 101

How to Write an Annotated Bibliography:

  • A citation in APA 7th edition followed by a short paragraph detailing the how/if/why the resource applies to your research and evaluates the quality of the source. 
  • Follows the following formatting:
    • Citation looks like any other in APA
    • Citations are listed in alphabetical order
    • The paragraph annotation starts immediately after the citation on a new paragraph line
    • Every line after the first is indented 0.5 inches from the left margin
    • Double spaced throughout. 

Research Steps:

  1. Choose a topic + define your research question
    • Your question will likely reflect the topic for your thesis or dissertation.
  2. Begin keyword identification
    • Jot down keyword ideas for terms or phrases you will want to search for
    • Remember to include synonyms (i.e. colloquial names), abbreviations, and acronyms
  3. Limit the scope of your review/question to geographies, type of student, date etc. 
  4. Select appropriate searching locations - i.e. databases
    • Don't forget to include books
  5. Conduct your searching + track your searches/results
  6. Review and critically appraise your results