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Two-Spirit & Indigiqueer Studies

Search for Indigenous Authors at X̱wi7x̱wa

Find Indigenous-authored materials at X̱wi7x̱wa Library by searching the UBC Library Catalogue for the phrase "First Nations author", along with any keywords relevant to your research topic.

Example: "First Nations author" two-spirit

When viewing search results, look for the phrase First Nations author in the Local note field in the record.

TIP: To find Indigenous illustrators, search for the phrase "First Nations illustrator".

Metis Perspectives

Search for Indigenous Faculty

Explore publications by Indigenous faculty members. UBC maintains a list of Indigenous Faculty Members, who work across a range of disciplines. Other institutions may maintain similar lists. Some Indigenous and non-Indigenous faculty who are Two-spirit or queer or who publish in these fields at other institutions are:

  • Kim TallBear as of 2019 Associate Professor, Canada Research Chair in Indigenous Peoples, Technoscience, and Environment, Native Studies at the University of Alberta.
  • Alexandria Wilson, as of 2019 Professor, Educational Foundations & Director, Aboriginal Education Research Centre, University of Saskatchewan.

​Reverse Citation Search

Indigenous scholars often cite Indigenous research. For example, Indigenous scholars cite the book Two-spirit people : Native American gender identity, sexuality, and spirituality (edited by Sue-Ellen Jacobs, Wesley Thomas, and Sabine Lang). 

Google Scholar allows you to do a reverse citation search, which allows you to find resources that cite a specified publication.

1. Open Google Scholar and find the title you want to search, then click "cited by".


  2. Select "Search within citing articles" and try performing a keyword search to narrow your results.


3. TIP: Look for author self-identification or biographies which identify authors as Indigenous within articles.