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Lesson Planning (Secondary)

About this guide

Welcome to the UBC Education Library lesson planning guide! We hope that this guide will serve as a source of information and inspiration as you design learning experiences for your assignments and for your students. Here you will find resources--both from within and from outside the library--to assist you in lesson and unit planning.

Although we do our very best to curate a collection of resources that are relevant to your teaching, we have many materials for lesson planning that come from outside British Columbia and from outside Canada. This means that you will encounter materials that were created to serve a variety of curricula, with different learning objectives and standards and varying emphasis on what we know to be essential components of learning in British Columbia, including Aboriginal Perspectives & the First Peoples Principles of Learning, flexible and inquiry-based learning, the BC Big Ideas & Core Competencies, and Universal Design for Learning.

It is unlikely that you will find any lesson plans here that require no adaptation or modification for use in your classroom. In the same way that you would draw on prior research to write a new essay of your creation, we hope that you view the resources on this guide as sources of inspiration that you use to create learning experiences all your own.

Where we have links to sample lesson plans, we aim to include lessons that:

  • are free to access
  • have British Columbian or Canadian authorship
  • have clear lesson objectives
  • feature inclusive language
  • are relevant to the current BC curriculum
  • abide by copyright guidelines

And, as always, you can get in touch with a librarian for any assistance navigating this guide or the resources herein.

Thank you to Greg Fowler (CFE student, 2019) for his contributions to this guide.

General Guidelines for Learning Design

From the Library: Books about Lesson Planning

Below are examples of books from the UBC Library about lesson and unit planning. 
You can find more through the UBC Library website by using search terms like:
“lesson plan” OR “lesson planning”
learning AND design

Search Power

Because the UBC Library's system for classifying materials is aimed at organizing research and scholarship, searching for curriculum materials can be difficult. We recommend using the following terms for a targeted search within the library catalogue for K-12 teaching and learning resources. These results have been limited to books and e-books in the Education Library:

Add these terms to the subject area, lesson topic, or theme to find books and other materials on your topic.

For example: "study and teaching" AND science

The below handout will provide more guidance for effectively searching for teaching resources in the UBC Library: