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Lesson Planning (Secondary)

Art Lesson Plans & Resources (Secondary)

Art as Social Commentary (Gr. 10-12)

Art History Goes Graphic (Gr. 7-10)

Art Endurance (Gr. 11-12) 

BC Curriculum: Instructional Sample - Personality Preserves (Gr. 8-9)

Blick: Art Education Lesson Plans

Visually Speaking: BCATA’s Online Magazine

Critical Thinking Consortium: Developing Understanding through the Arts-Recognizing an Historic Injustice: Canada's First National Internment Operations, 1914-1920 (Gr. 5-9)

Davis Art:

Exploring Aboriginal Art in Canada (Gr. 9-12)

Incredible @rt Department

The J. Paul Getty Museum: Grade-by-Grade Guide to Building Visual Arts Lessons

Kennedy Centre Arts Edge (Gr. 8-12)

Kozmic Dream

National Gallery of Canada Lesson Plans (Gr. 8-12)

  • Lessons draw on Canadian themes for all grade ranges (each lesson can be viewed for different grade levels)
  • Includes Group of Seven, Aboriginal Voices in Community Art, Photographic Links, Contemporary Inuit Sculpture, and Cityscapes.

Self-Portrait as Who? (Gr. 9-12)

Shaping Ideas: Symbolism in Sculpture (Gr. 9-12)

Transformations: Object to Art (Gr. 10)

Unwanted Soldiers (Gr. 9-12)

Ceramic Tile Art Project Ideas 

Related Magazines & Professional Journals

There are a number of professional journals and magazines for teachers in which you can find lesson and activity ideas and other information to inform lesson design:

SchoolArts magazine cover

SchoolArts - An art education magazine "committed to promoting excellence, advocacy, and professional support for educators in the visual arts."

Search Power

Because the UBC Library's system for classifying materials is aimed at organizing research and scholarship, searching for curriculum materials can be difficult. We recommend using the following terms for a targeted search within the library catalogue for K-12 teaching and learning resources. These results have been limited to books and e-books in the Education Library:

Add these terms to the subject area, lesson topic, or theme to find books and other materials on your topic.

For example: "study and teaching" AND science

The below handout will provide more guidance for effectively searching for teaching resources in the UBC Library: