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Law - Legislative Process Research

This guide has been prepared to assist with legislative process research.

Key Secondary Sources

Start with key secondary sources such as books, legal encyclopedias, journal articles, and government reports and documents.


  • Use the library catalogue to find books on topic
  • Legal books are useful because they:
    • provide a scholarly overview of a subject
    • are analytical as well as descriptive
    • provide reference to cases and legislation as well as to other helpful research materials


Legal encyclopedias provide succinct statement of the law, supported by references to cases and legislation

Journal Articles

Journal articles often provide expert commentary on legal topics, as well as references to important cases, relevant legislation, etc.

Search case comments using:

  • topic keywords
  • statute name
  • case name

Government Documents

Government publications can be found using:

  • library catalogue
  • government websites, using general search engines