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International Business

Searching Article Databases

Articles are specific in scope and can also provide information on current trends and issues. Article databases listed here are available through the library and allow you to search hundreds of journals, magazines or newspapers for information on a variety of topics.

Learn the basics of searching for articles in business databases in our short video below, or refer to our Research Tips guide for for examples of how to search article databases effectively, like using single words or short phrases. 

(Sample video content from Business Source Ultimate database used by permission of EBSCO Publishing.)


Business Article Databases

Questions to Ask

  • Can the data I want be collected?
  • Who would likely collect it?
  • Does anyone collect it?
  • Does anyone publish the data?
  • Is there other relevant data to substitute for what I can't find?
  • How can I break my topic into questions?
  • What terminology is used for my topic?
  • What are some synonyms for my topic?
  • How can I rephrase my search to bring different items to the top of my results list?
  • Will drop-down search boxes help limit my search by date, etc?
  • Do I need to separate my search terms with "and" and "or"?
  • Am I searching for data at too granular (ie, specific) a level?