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Indigenous Music & Dance

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Keyword Searches for Articles in Summon

To search for  articles in Summon, refine your search through the left side bar and select the journal articles option. The search can be limited more through excluding other facets when "More" is pressed underneath the "Content Type" section.

Combine keywords relating to the concept of Indigenous identity AND keywords about Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls. For example:

  • "First Nations"
  • Indigenous
  • Aboriginal
  • Indian
  • "Indians of North America"
  • Native
  • Inuit
  • Métis
  • Musqueam (or any nation)


  • Music
  • Pow-wow
  • Songs
  • A Specific Genre ie: Rap
  • “Music Performances"
  • Musicians
  • "Music Documentaries" 

  • Dancer 
  • Specific Dances ie:  Fancy, Grass, Prairie Chicken, and Traditional
  • Dance 
  • "Northern Dance" 
  • "Southern Dance" or "Southern Straight Dance"

Helpful Hints for Keyword Searches

  • Use quotation marks to search for a phrase.
    Example: "Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women"
  • Use a question mark or asterisk to truncate a term to search for words with the same stem.
    Example: crim? or crim* retrieves crime, crimes, criminal, and criminology


Terminology Guides for Journalists

"If you are unsure about names and terms, ask the Aboriginal people you’re reporting on which term they prefer." (From Reporting in Indigenous Communities).

Music-Specific Article Indexes & Databases