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Indigenous Films and Filmmakers

Indigenous Filmmaking at UBC

FNIS 401F: New Media Practices and Applications in Indigenous Studies

Designed as a compliment to FNIS 454, FNIS 401F provides students with hands on training in the Digital Humanities (DH) and new media technologies, including social media, digital exhibition, podcasting, digital storytelling, sound editing, Wikipedia editing, and geographical information systems (GIS). At stake in all of our work in this class are the impacts (both positive and negative) that new media can make towards decolonization and Indigenous resurgence. Students in 401F receive basic training in the use of new media hardware and software, learn from experts in the field, and produce digital work with and for Indigenous communities. 

Fellowships, Scholarships, Bursaries, and Funding

Career Planning

Best Practices

The imagineNATIVE Institute has produced a number of professional development reports for those working in and with the Indigenous screen industry (film and television).