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Historical Map Collections

About this Collection

Dr. Deane was born in England and is a medical doctor now retired. He is a Vancouver cartophile who has compiled a collection of maps and atlases dating from the 16th - 19th century, which includes maps by a number of significant cartographers, such as Blaeu, Coronelli, Janson, Hondius, Bonne, Delisle, Senex and Speed. The collection features mainly maps of Europe but includes some other areas of the world. The collection contains almost three hundred maps, 6 atlases, and 3 geographies. 

Colocating this Collection

Want to explore this collection but don't know where to start? We've created some links that can help you discover the material in this collection.

UBC Library Catalogue

This collection is colated under the term 'Stanley Deane Map Collection' in the UBC Library Catalogue.

Catalogue Search

Another way to locate materials in this collection is by using the UBC Library Catalogue to search. You can create your search by following these steps:

  • Type the location or area you would like the map to cover in the search bar. Then change the 'All Fields' drop down menu to 'Subject'
  • Limit the 'Location' drop down menu to 'Rare Books & Special Collections'
  • Limit the 'Type' drop down menu to 'Map'
  • Click Search!

Alternatively, use the search box below: