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German-Canadians in Western Canada

Searching Summon for Books and eBooks

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Subject Terms

Here are some useful terms for your search query:

  • German-Canadian
  • Deutsch-Kanadier
  • immigration experience
  • Mennonite
  • Sudeten Germans (Sudetendeutsche)
  • German, Austrian, Swiss or German-Russian heritage
  • German settlements
  • Deutsche Auswanderer

Browse the Shelves

To browse for books related to German speaking immigrants in Western Canada on the shelves, use the call number FC.

  • FC1 - FC95: General Works
  • FC97 - FC145: Canadians. Elements in the Population
  • FC3231 - FC3250: Prairie Provinces
  • FC3351 - FC3400: Manitoba
  • FC3501 - FC3550: Saskatchewan
  • FC3651 - FC3700: Alberta
  • FC3801 - FC3850: British Columbia

Selected Resources

Borrowing at Other Libraries

If you can't find the book you are looking for please check the collection of other institutions around Canada on UBC Library is providing an InterLibrary Loan Service for faculty, students and staff.