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Food Security

An interdisciplinary guide for resources at UBC Library about food [in]security.

Perspectives on Food Security

On the UBC Okanagan Campus, initiatives are underway with Campus Health and UBC Wellbeing to explore and improve food security. At UBC Okanagan Library, we have collected books and films to showcase diverse and interdisciplinary perspectives on food. Food security is both personal and universal: #worldfoodday   #whatsonyourplate   #whatsnotonyourplate   #foodsecurity   #foodliteracy #foodculture #foodaction  #campushealthubco   #ubcolibrary

Read this recently published article to learn more about food insecurity at UBC Okanagan:

Hamilton, C., Taylor, D., Huisken, A., & Bottorff, J.L. (2020). Correlates of food insecurity among undergraduate students, Canadian Journal of Higher Education, 50, 2: 15-23.

An Indigenous Perspective on Food Security

At UBC Okanagan Library, we asked our student employees for insights into what "food security" means to them. Our Library Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Intern, Taya, provided this contribution:

In Mi’kma’klobster dinner on platei we are in a historical moment as the Mi’kmaq defend our rights to a moderate livelihood. Mi’kmaw lobster fishers in what is now known as Digby, Nova Scotia have been under ongoing attack by non-native fishers and surrounding communities for the simple act of providing for our families, and communities. Our treaties are nation to nation legal agreements signed by both the nation state of Canada and the Mi’kmaq and have been upheld as such by the highest colonial courts. This is not the first time that Mi’kmaw fishing rights have been attacked by non-natives on our land. Below are some resources that you can use to educate yourself on Mi’kmaq treaty rights, how they’ve been upheld by the Canadian Supreme Court, and how they have been violently opposed by non-natives historically and contemporarily. 

  • lobsters in box
  • NFB Campus Collection and National Film Board of Canada. Is the Crown at War with Us?. Montreal: National Film Board of Canada, 2002.
  • McMillan, L. J. ""Mu Kisi Maqumawkik Pasik Kataq - We Can’t Only Eat Eels:" Mi’kmaq Contested Histories and Uncontested Silences." The Canadian Journal of Native Studies 32, no. 1 (2012): 119-142. 
  • McMillan, L. J. Truth and Conviction: Donald Marshall Jr. and the Mi’kmaw Quest for Justice. Vancouver, UBC Press, 2018.


What's [Not] On Your Plate?

Panorama of Coffee for Sale in Market - Gyumri - Armenia

Panorama of Coffee for Sale in Market - Gyumri - Armenia. Adam Jones

Mandarins for Sale - Xilitla - San Luis Potosi - Mexico 

Mandarins for Sale - Xilitla - San Luis Potosi - Mexico. Adam Jones.

Pulses for Sale in Market - Darjeeling - West Bengal - India

Pulses for Sale in Market - Darjeeling - West Bengal - India. Adam Jones.