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Freedom of Information / Access to Information


This guide gives general information on how to make ATI or FOI requests in various jurisidictions. If you're seeking information on filing an FOI request at UBC, please see the Office of University Counsel's site:

Key Resources

Journalists, researchers, business owners, and citizens file Access to Information requests (in BC and other jurisdictions, called Freedom of Information requests) to gain access to unpublished government records. The resources below give guidance on making these requests.

Please note that FOI / ATIP requests may come with a cost, and it may take months or years to receive a response. It is best to be very specific about the records you are requesting, and do a thorough search of existing public information first (see Related Guides for selected sources to search or ask your librarian).

Related Guides

Duty to Document

"This short documentary uses an infamous Canadian incident -- the 'Triple Delete' scandal -- to illustrate how many governments around the world are moving to a form of "oral government" -- failing to keep essential records of their decisions, and even illegally destroying records to avoid accountability. This subverts freedom of information laws and suppresses democratic participation."