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FISH 503 - Science & Society in Aquatic Policy

This research guide listing a selection of available resources was created for FISH 503 students by librarians in the Law Library.

Government Resources

Here are some specific resources that can be used to locate government policy behind statutes and regulations.

Use UBC Library catalogue to locate a relevant book, government background paper, or research report. A key book or report on your topic may provide a useful overview, general discussion, or footnotes to other relevant studies or cases.

Government websites:

Key resources are accessible via the Law Library homepage in the Legislation & Government guide. Relevant government Ministry websites can be accessed via the Government of Canada Website or the B.C. Government Website. Ministry websites often have background research papers on current policy initiatives. Use the "advanced" versions of site search engines.

Government contacts:

Not all government policy is documented in written sources. After thoroughly researching a number of print & internet resources, a good information source can be an individual working at the relevant Ministry. For convenience, here is a current list of BC Ministries. If you search a ministry website using keywords, you may find a background paper listing the contact person.

You can also use government directories to find contacts, such as the Government of Canada Directory and BC Government Directory. A phone call or email to the right person can often provide further leads on why the government made a particular policy decision or enacted regulations on a particular topic. When you call or write, always explain that you are a UBC graduate student at doing research into government policy underlying the particular statute or regulation.