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ENVR 448 : Directed Studies in Environmental Studies

Sustainability science : an immersive research training experience in socio-ecological systems (PURE-funded)

Finding Journal Articles

You can search for your topic using Summon. You may wish to limit your search to Scholarly & Peer Review.

You can also search one of these specialized databases to find journal articles and even grey literature (e.g. conference proceedings, government and NGO reports, theses & dissertations). They offer more functionality than Summon.

Search Worksheet

Before diving into your search, it's a good idea to spend a few minutes thinking about how you're going to search. This worksheet will help you identify the key concepts and databases, and create a search strategy using techniques like AND, OR, quotation marks and truncation.

Tips for Searching Databases

Search syntax

  • Search for a phrase using quotation marks, e.g. "climate change"
  • Combine search terms with OR to expand a search, e.g. "climate change" OR "global warming"
  • Combine search terms with AND to narrow a search, e.g. "climate change" AND adaptation
  • Use NEAR to find search terms within a few words of each other, e.g. climate NEAR/3 change
  • Search variations of a word using truncation, e.g. adapt* to search adapt, adapts, adapting, adaptation
  • Put it altogether using search boxes or parentheses, e.g. ("climate change" OR "global warming") AND adapt*

Filters and sorting in Web of Science Core Collection

  • Review articles can provide a good overview of a topic. Filter by Document Type to "Review".
  • Sort by Times Cited so you don't miss key articles in a field.
  • Use Citation Chaining to search forwards (e.g. Times Cited) or backwards (an article's bibliography).