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Bulk uploading full text

Instructions from Covidence for bulk uploading PDFs, using Zotero, EndNote or Mendeley:

Bulk uploading is in beta - you may find it easier to upload PDFs for full text screening or data extraction one at a time; or add a DOI or other link to full text instead of a PDF.

NOTE: UBC reviewers are cautioned to NOT upload the full-text of articles obtained through UBC Library subscriptions or document delivery to Covidence due to licensing and copyright restrictions. Full text of publicly available articles may be uploaded. Please contact the Copyright Office at ( with any questions regarding sharing licensed intellectual property.


To efficiently add PDFs to Zotero for uploading to Covidence:

1. Select multiple references in your library, right click, and choose "Find Available PDFs." This will find open access PDFs as a batch.

2. For PDFs not found by step 1, use Library Lookup:

-In Zotero Preferences (found under Edit in PC version), go to Advanced. In the OpenURL section, add:

-Next, select a single reference in your library. Click the green arrow button, then "Library Lookup."

This will take you to the Citation Linker page for the article, which will link you to full text, or if unavailable will link you to the Interlibrary Loan order form. For these articles, in line with copyright restrictions above please share a link to full text in Covidence rather than uploading the PDF.


To more easily find full text of articles, download the Library Access browser extension.