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UBC Library has an institutional subscription to Covidence, a web-based software platform that streamlines the production of systematic reviews.

While Covidence specifically targets systematic reviews, it is suitable for any comprehensive literature review including scoping reviews, meta-syntheses, and meta-narratives. It is also suitable for any discipline including health sciences, medicine, social sciences, environmental sciences, biology, management, education etc.


What is Covidence?

Covidence is a web-based software platform that streamlines the production of systematic reviews.  It supports citation screening, full-text review, risk of bias assessment, extraction of study characteristics and outcomes, and the export of data and references.

Who can use Covidence? Why would I want to use it?

 Covidence is available to all UBC faculty, staff and students. Covidence can help to streamline the process of conducting a comprehensive literature review. This includes systematic reviews, scoping reviews, meta-syntheses, meta-narratives, and other types of literature reviews.

How can I get an institutional account with Covidence?

UBC affiliated users can sign up for the institutional subscription at this link, logging in with an email address ending in (examples:,

How do I set up a new review with an unlimited account?

Once you have set up your UBC account, you will see the option to use your organizational access to create a new review. There are step-by-step instructions on creating new reviews and using the Covidence through UBC's institutional subscription on the UBC page in the Covidence Knowledge Base. More information on Covidence can be found on their general knowledge base page.

What if I already have a review currently in Covidence?

Reviews linked to existing UBC members (who have accounts using their email) will automatically be migrated to the institutional full access subscription. The migration will be managed by Covidence, and users will be progressively migrated throughout 2020. 

Note: if you get an error message saying you are limited to screening 500 references, your review may need to be manually migrated. Contact for help. 

What if I used a different email (gmail, etc.) to sign up with Covidence? Can these reviews still use the institutional license?

All UBC affiliated individuals are covered with this license. If you have a review that is linked to a email that is not associated with an domain, contact An invitation will be sent for institutional access.

All new accounts with Covidence should be set up using your email.

I am starting a review with colleagues from another institution. Can we use UBC's institutional account for this inter-organizational review?

Yes, any UBC user connected with a UBC institutional account may create new reviews and invite unlimited reviewers from anywhere in the world. However, due to copyright laws and licensing agreements, there are restrictions on sharing full-text articles with individuals who are not associated with UBC. Please contact if you have any questions.

NOTE: UBC reviewers are cautioned to NOT upload the full-text of articles obtained through UBC Library subscriptions or document delivery to Covidence due to licensing and copyright restrictions. Full text of publicly available articles may be uploaded. Please contact the Copyright Office at ( with any questions regarding sharing licensed intellectual property.