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Company Research

About Company Profiles

Company profiles offer selective information about companies.  Generally, profiles cover publicly traded companies and provide the following information:

  • company history and description

  • financial information / balance sheets

  • a listing of competitors

  • key executives

  • market information

They are very useful if you want a quick overview of a company and if you want to understand its larger context.


You can research company histories in articles and books. If your company is publicly traded you can also look at its historical annual reports.  To find books in the library catalogue, search for the company's name as a subject:

Sources for Company Histories

Legal Issues/Patents

Legal Issues

Legal research can give you insight into a company's legal situation, as well as the legal environment of a particular industry.


Patent and trademark issues can be important in certain industries. Patents are also a source of competitive information about a company's activites and products.


Sources for Company Profiles