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Chinese Film Studies


Relevant courses are offerred by various departments at UBC, and the library resources can be located at Asian, Koerner libraries and the Department of Theater and Film's Visual Resource Centre. Please click here to find the information on how to use UBC Libraries' videos & films.

There is a general Film Studies Guide, and for resources regarding Chinese Studies, please refer to Chinese Studies Resources.

Related Guides

            Dozens of early Chinese films with English subtitles, online course, and resources related to the history of Chinese films.

           Part of Internet Guide for Chinese Studies (IGCS) which lists 38 annotated internet resources on Chinese movies.

           University of Iowa Libraries guide that links to many useful resources.


            Chinese films from 1905-present, including rankings, posters, awards, blogs, and etc. in English and Chinese

           Includes history and reviews

           Includes basic information and reviews of over 20,000 movies made in Hong Kong

          Powerful search engine to identify published reviews in English language only

          By the Taiwan Film & Audiovisual Institute, holds 17,000 Chinese language films, including many older ones.