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Children's & Young Adult Literature

Using this guide

Whether you are doing research about children's and young adult literature, you are looking for materials to use in a teaching practicum, or you are seeking out picture books, YA novels, or graphic novels for leisure reading, we hope this guide will be helpful as you navigate the children's & YA literature collections at UBC Library. It was designed to support the varied work, research, teaching, and leisure reading of all of the following:

  • Children's & YA literature researchers
  • Teacher candidates & practicing teachers
  • Education faculty & instructors
  • Library, Information Studies, or Children's Literature students, faculty, & instructors
  • Any others accessing the children's & YA collections at UBC Library

Please always reach out to the librarians if you need any assistance navigating the collection or researching children's literature.

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Can't find the book you're looking for?

  • Document Delivery (DocDel): If the book you need is located at another UBC campus or if it is located in PARC, you can use DocDel to retrieve it.
  • Interlibrary loan (ILL): If UBC Library does not own the book you are looking for, we will seek it out from another library for you.
  • Suggest a resourceYou can request that a new book be added to the collection by completing this form.
  • WorldCat - You can also identify other libraries, including public libraries, that may have the book you are looking for with WorldCat. Be sure to enter your postal code if you would like to find libraries nearest to you.