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CINAHL Guided Exercise: 4. Search History and Combining Searches

4.  Search History and Combining Searches


As we continue to Search in CINAHL, our previous searches will be displayed in the Search History/Alerts.  Theses sets of results from previous searches in your Search History can be combined with the operators OR and AND to provide the most relevant papers.


Step by Step: Combine Subject Heading and Keyword Searches

Search History and Combining Searches

  1. Start in the Search History
  2. In your saved searches, check the boxes for both 
    • the subject heading search (Infant)
    • the keyword search (infant* OR baby OR babies OR neonate* OR newborn*)
  3. Combine with the operator OR:
    • Click "Search with OR"
      • OR will return the results from both our keyword search and the results from our subject heading search, to create one big set.
  4. Your combined search #3 will be saved in your Search History as: S1 OR S2

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  • More info on combining searches including ORs and Ands is covered in the CINAHL Tutorial

Search History Order
Video Demo: CINAHL Search History

Combine your searches

  • Follow steps 1-4 above to combine your first 2 searches for the P or first concept with OR