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Democratic Republic of the Congo

This research guide has been designed to help students, faculty and researchers access and utilize relevant resources available through UBC Library.


Flag of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Wikimedia CommonsWelcome to UBC's research guide on topics relating to the study of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. 

This research guide is intended to provide an overview of materials (predominantly in English or French) that address a variety of sub-disciplines relating to the study of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. The resources compiled in this guide are available for reference to students, faculty, researchers, and community at UBC, as well as the general public. Although UBC Library provides access to most of these materials, please be aware that certain resources may require personal or institutional subscriptions. If you are having difficulty accessing materials you can visit the Connect to Library Resources Page.

For up to date information, try newspaper databases like Factiva where you can locate current issues of the Washington PostNew York Times, and Al Jazeera. Additionally, Radio Okapi provides local and reliable information. For an historical overview,  take a look at some of the history databases under the bibliographies, encyclopedia, and reference sources.