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American Chemical Society (ACS) Citation Style Guide

Quick Tips


Author or Organization (if any). Title of Site. URL (accessed YYYY-MM-DD).


Author 1; Author 2; …; Author 10; et al. Title of Document. Title of Site or Organization, date. URL (accessed YYYY-MM-DD).


Author 1; Author 2; …; Author 10; et al. Blog Post Title. Blog Title. Title of Site or Publisher (if any), date. URL (accessed YYYY-MM-DD).

The following are some things to remember when citing websites using ACS:

  • When considering whether you are citing a website or not, you have to consider what the information is that you are citing -- are you using a journal article from a journal's website, or are you citing content on the journal's website itself more generally. Additionally, what kind of website is it - are you looking at a blog, a publisher's website, a streaming film, etc. If you aren't citing the website content, then you'll need to use the citation format for the other type of resource you are using (e.g. streaming film, journal article, book, etc.). 
  • You do not need to list the Organization's name at the beginning if the title of the site also includes it. 
  • Add Home Page at the end of the title of the site if it is the homepage and does not already state it in its title.
  • List n.d. if there is no date available for the website or online source.

(for more, see section Online Sources & Websites in the ACS Guide to Scholarly Communication)

Canvas pages are a common source of evidence for students in the sciences. When citing a page in your Canvas course, please use the website style citation. 

Website with an Organization as Author


CARO Analytical Services. Soil Testing Capabilities. (accessed 2020-09-14).

Website with an Individual Author


Gálvez, M.; Guerra, J.; Crystal, F. Lonely Birder. (accessed 2020-09-14).

Wikipedia Entries


Title of Entry. Wikipedia. URL (accessed YYYY-MM-DD).


Chromatography. Wikipedia. (accessed 2023-10-16).

Documents on a Website

EXAMPLE - Organization as the author

Interior Health. Radon Detector Set-Up in Daycares – Instruction Sheet. n.d. (accessed 2020-09-14).

EXAMPLE - Specific authors listed, organization listed as site of download

Berstein, D. I. A Guide for the Primary Care Physician in Evaluating Diisocyanate Exposed Workers for Occupational Asthma. International Isocyanate Institute Inc., 2017. (accessed 2021-02-08).

Blog Post on a Website


Stanchak, J. Best Chemistry Blogs: 5 Science Blogs Worth Bookmarking. ACS Axial. American Chemical Society, n.d. (accessed 2020-09-14). 

Canvas Course Pages

When citing textual information provided on a page in a Canvas course, continue to use the above website examples. 

If you are citing a document attached to a Canvas course page, please use the "Online Documents on a Website" citation example.