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Master of Management - UBC Okanagan

Find items when you already have the title

Has your instructor recommended a particular article or book? Have you come across a news article and can't get the full text on the website?

To find an item where you already know the title, put the title in quotes in the library home page General search box.

Image of article title in quotes on


  • If your article has a really long, two-part title (not uncommon for journal articles) and is not coming up, try only using the part before the colon.
  • If you are looking for a book chapter and it's not coming up, it's possible the chapters are not listed separately - try searching the book title rather than the chapter title. Not sure what you're looking at? A journal article citation will likely include a month or volume/issue numbers, while a book chapter citation might include Editors (eds.) or, in [book title].
  • If you're fairly certain you have a book - try the Books and Media tab instead, but do use the short version of the title (before colon). Add an author last name outside of the quotes if you get too many results.
  • Sometimes online news articles can have slightly different titles than the version the library gets (happens fairly often with The Globe and Mail, for example). Check with Kim if your article doesn't show up.

Feel free to contact Kim for any help!