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SOCW 511: Introduction to Social Work

This guide is designed to help introduce research skills for social workers.

Scoping your Research

Social work searching can be quite interdisciplinary - cross searching in databases related to medicine, psychology, nursing, and education is not uncommon. 

Searching for journal articles, theses/dissertations, conference proceedings, reports, etc.:

  1. Try reviewing subject/research guides in your appropriate areas to see which databases are suggested. 
  2. Review the UBC Library list of databases
    • Can narrow by subject area, although not always comprehensive
  3. Consult with your professor and/or supervisor(s) for suggested resources
  4. Locating theses/dissertations can help to identify past graduate research on similar topics.

Searching for books and items not found in databases:

  1. Use Summon, the general library search tool, to look for print and e-books available through the library
    • Summon can also be used to find related materials in databases that may have been outside of your original plan. 


Social Work







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