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HMKN 206: Health Research Methods

A guide to assist HMKN 206 students complete their 1st assignment.

Build a Question

The Claim

Doing Vinyasa yoga is as effective as cardio and strength training for fat loss amongst women.

Aarticulate the claim as a question

Is there evidence to support the claim that doing Vinyasa yoga is as effective as other cardio and strength training for fat loss amongst women?


Identify the core elements
Population Intervention Comparison Outcome
Women Vinyasa yoga Other cardio and strength training Fat loss

Go Broad

Broaden your concepts if necessary

Women stays as Women

Vinyasa Yoga to Yoga

Other cardio and strength training to Other Exercise

Fat loss to Weight or other weight related conditions, such as obesity


Brainstorm Synonyms
Women Yoga Other Excercise Weight loss
Women Yoga Exercise Weight-related outcomes, Overweight, Obese, Weight reduction

Boolean Searching


Combine search terms with AND to narrow a search. Use to combine PICO concepts.

Combine search terms with OR to expand a search. Use to combine synonyms.

Phrase searching

Use "quotation marks" to search for a phrase.


Capturing more with truncation

Truncation, using an *, allows us to capture multiple word forms with a single term, for example obese and obesity. A search for obes* finds all words that begin with obes.

So, a search for obes* will return results for both obese and obesity.

Truncations can also be used within a word. A search for wom*n will look for words that begin with wom and end in n. A search from wom*n will thus return results for woman and women.

The Search

Our Search String

Yoga AND ("Weight loss" OR "Weight-related outcomes" OR Overweight OR Obes* OR "Weight reduction")

*We don't include the Population as part of our search, instead, the databases that we use allow us to filter our results by population.

*The comparison in this case is so general, we can ignore it as a search term.