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Primary Sources for K-12 Educators

This guide is for K-12 educators seeking digital primary sources to use in their classrooms.

Video Guides: How to use UBC Open Collections

The following videos have been prepared especially for K-12 educators by UBC Libraries.

At less than 5 minutes each, they're a quick way to get familiar with UBC's Open Collections -- what you'll find, what you can do, and how you can use them in the classroom.

If there's any content you'd like to see, feel free to contact us with a request and we'll do our best to accommodate. 

You can select a video to play by clicking on the menu icon:      a screenshot of the playlist window showing the menu button circled in red


  1. UBC Open Collections: How to Search
  2. UBC Open Collections: How to Use Syntax and Filters
    • A video introduction on how to use syntax and filters to find narrow search results within  UBC Open Collections.

  3. UBC Open Collections: How to Navigate Documents
  4. UBC Open Collections: How to Save and Use Documents

General Guides