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Himalayan Studies

Himalaya Research Guide Introduction


This Research Guide introduces students, faculty, and community at UBC to academic resources, journals, dictionaries, and other databases about the Himalayan region, including Bhutan, China, India, Nepal, Pakistan, and the Tibetan cultural zones that traverse all these countries.

The guide introduces core resources for those embarking on projects, assignments, or other initiatives to learn more about the Himalayan region. This is not a comprehensive listing of all resources in the field, but rather offers a starting point for further exploration.

The guide is built to work in tandem with the courses planned under the UBC Himalaya Program academic initiative in the Faculty of Arts, in Departments such as Anthropology, Art History, and Asian Studies. The books and resources cited are either available via UBC library or are open access materials. Please ensure that you are logged into your UBC library account for the best access to resources cited in this guide. 

The ‘Digital collections’ tab has a drop-down option for ‘Other resources’; please click on that for information on films and newspapers.

UBC Faculty Publications on Himalayas

Nepali and Tibetan Language Open Educational Resources


Designed by UBC Himalaya Program and Asian Studies language instructors Binod Shrestha (Nepali) and Sonam Chusang (Tibetan) as self-paced, open access courses, these Open Educational Resources (OERs) offer learners a basic introduction to each language, with lessons on script, grammar, basic vocabulary, and guidance on how to carry out a basic conversation. Click below to be directed to the OERs:

Introduction to the Nepali Language

Introduction to the Tibetan Language

Himalaya Research Guide Project

The development of this Himalayan Studies research guide was supported by a UBC Faculty of Arts Arts Undergraduate Research Award. We would like to thank Aadil Brar, student assistant, who worked on this project over the summer of 2016. This guide was designed under the supervision of Dr. Sara Shneiderman. For any questions about the design of this research guide or about accessing any resources mentioned, please contact Belinda Suen, the Himalaya Program Assistant: