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History 442 - Lives of Chinese Books (Book of Songs) - 詩經: Finding Books

Lives of Chinese Books (Book of Songs)

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Finding Books

Search the UBC Library Catalogue:

Try Keywords

  • Classic of Poetry
  • Book of Odes
  • Shijing
  • Classic of Odes
  • Shih-ching
  • Book of Songs

Use quotation marks to search for a phrase 
   Example: "I Ching", "Zhou Yi"

Use a question mark to truncate a term, i.e. search words with the same stem. 
   Example: Book of Chang? searches for Book of Change and Book of Changes

Subject Headings

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  Browse Subject contains:

Example: Chin? and poe?  to find materials on China or Chinese + poem(s) or poetry

Subject contains search is more more focused than a general keyword search.

TIP:♥   UBC Library Catalogue truncation symbol is ?
              Databases & Summon  truncation symbol is  *

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