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Government Publications- U.S. Statistical Resources

Labour & Trade

  • Bureau of Labor Statistics
    Provides access to the major economic indicators for the U.S.: labor force statistics, the American Time Use Survey, prices and living conditions, compensation, productivity and technology, regional data, inflation rates, pay and benefits. The One-Screen data search allows you to create tables quickly and easily by choosing all your variables at the same time, on the same screen.

  • Handbook of U.S. Labor Statistics. HD8064.A32
    Using recent, authoritative data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics and other government agencies, this title is "a convenient, single-volume source of labor data." It provides recent and historical data on U.S. employment, earnings, prices, productivity, living conditions, and related topics.

  • Foreign Trade Statistics
    Official source for U.S. export and import statistics; responsible for issuing regulations governing the reporting of all export shipments from the United States. A good resource for import or export statistics, information on export regulations, commodity classifications, and many other trade related topics.

  • International Labor Comparisons
    Provides international comparisons of hourly compensation costs; productivity and unit labor costs; labor force, employment and unemployment rates; and consumer prices. The comparisons relate primarily to the major industrial countries, but other countries are included in certain measures.

  • Issues in Labor Statistics
    Succinct, up-to-the-minute, background papers on current topics. Issues available from 1996 to 2012. Beginning in May 2012, this publication has been consolidated with several others to form a new series of reports, Beyond the Numbers.