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Export Citations from Zotero

  1. Open Zotero in your browser. Select the folder containing the references you'd like to export.

  2. Click the Export icon (a folder with a green arrow). Click bibtex.

  3. Open the containing folder and rename it yourfilename.bib. Save it to the same folder that contains your LaTeX files.

  4. Add a citation key to each source by typing a unique code after the curly brackets. For example:
    • @article{key001
           author = ""
           title = "" ...
  5. To create your bibliography in your LaTeX file, enter two commands:
    • \bibliography{yourfilename} where yourfilename refers to the name of the .bib file you exported from Zotero. This command generates the bibliography.
  6. To insert an in-text citation, enter this command:
    • \cite{key001} where key001 is the citation key assigned (in the .bib file) to the source you want to cite.