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Export Citations from Summon

      1. Search for articles using the general search on the UBC Library website (a.k.a. the Summon search engine):

        Search Summon:  

      2. When you find an article you'd like to use, click the grey folder icon to save it to the Saved Items folder.

      3. When you are finished selecting articles, open your Saved Items folder in the bottom right of the screen.

      4. Choose BibTeX from the export options.

      5. Open the .bib file you created using LaTeX. Add a citation key to each source. For example,

             AUTHOR = "Leslie Lamport",
             TITLE = "LaTeX: A Document Preparation System",
             PUBLISHER = {Addison-Wesley Publishing Company},
             ADDRESS = "Reading, Massachusetts",
             YEAR = 1986 }

      6. Use these two commands in your LaTeX document to link the new .bib file you created:
        • \bibliography{filename} where filename refers to the name of the .bib file you exported from RefWorks. This command generates the bibliography.

      7. To insert an in-text citation, use the command:
        • \cite{lamp86} where lamp86 is the citation key you assigned (in the .bib file) to the source you want to cite.

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