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Aerospace Engineering

Knovel Browser Extension

Knovel searches dozens of engineering handbooks, with interactive tables, data search, and case studies. From off campus use this link to log in.

For Chrome and Edge users: 

The Knovel Browser Extension allows you to find results from Knovel while you are looking for information on a Search Engine. If you are a Chrome or Edge user, install the extension, and whether you search on Google, or Bing, or Baidu, the top Knovel results will automatically appear on the right side of the page.

Instructions to install browser extension

Finding Aerospace Books

Books can be an excellent way to gain a broad understanding of the topic you are researching. Technology is often explained in full within a book, whereas a journal article tends to be narrower in scope, reporting on a specific experiment or set of results. 

Searching in Summon is the most effective way to find books available through UBC Library. Over 2,600 titles are found by searching the phrase "aerospace engineering" - to make this search more specific, add additional keywords and use the filters provided. Here is a quick link to books published by AIAA.

Within the Knovel collection of eBooks, there is an Aerospace and Radar Technology collection that includes handbooks, AIAA conference proceedings and other relevant titles from multiple publishers.

Selected Aerospace Titles from the UBC Library Collection

Searching Summon for Books