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Okanagan Syilx Research Guide

nsyilxcən Language

"nsyilxcən is the language spoken by and distinguishes the Syilx Okanagan from other indigenous peoples. It is part of the Salish language family which is distinct from our Salish neighbors, like the Spokan, the Nlaka’pamux, and the Secwepemcnsyilxcən is spoken in all the districts of the Syilx Okanagan territory with varying dialects."

(para. 1, nsyilxcən Language)

Syilx Language House

The Syilx Language House has training, classes, recordings, and events. Find out more in the video below:

Language Resources

"FirstVoices is a suite of web-based tools and services designed to support Indigenous people engaged in lanugage archiving, language teaching and culture revitalization." 

Interior Salish: Enduring Languages of the Columbian Plateau

"Salish School of Spokane and The Paul Creek Language Association, along with our partners, are developing a comprehensive, sequenced fluency transfer system and curriculum that is designed to help new learners become fluent in n̓səl̓xčin/n̓syilxčn̓, Colville-Okangan Salish.  The fluency system and curriculum is composed of six textbooks divided into three levels as well as instructional techniques and materials used to teach the material using full immersion.  At each level of the fluency system and curriculum, there is a language book and a literature book.  Each book is accompanied by audio recordings and additional materials to aid in learning and teaching.  Sʕamtíc̓aʔ (Sarah) Peterson is the primary translator for the N̓səl̓xčin Fluency Transfer System and Curriculum Project, and she has had the support of other N̓səl̓xčin̓ speakers, especially Hazel Abrahamson in 2005 and Herman Edward thereafter.  The curriculum model and its organization are copyrighted and provided by LaRae Wiley and Christopher Parkin. The first three books of this system were created in Wenatchee-Columbian Salish in 2015 by Pauline Covington Stensgar working with Salish School of Spokane.  Kalispel and Montana Salish versions of this curriculum are being prepared by the Kalispel Tribe and by the Salish Culture Committee (CSKT) with the assistance and direction of Christopher Parkin.

The books composing the N̓səl̓xcčin Curriculum Project are:

N̓səl̓xčin 1: A Beginning Course in Colville-Okanagan Salish;
Čaptíkʷł 1: N̓səl̓xčin Stories for Beginners;
N̓səl̓xčin 2: An Intermediate Course in Colville-Okanagan Salish;
Čaptíkʷł 2: N̓səl̓xčin̓ Stories for Intermediate Learners;
N̓səl̓xčin̓ 3: An Advanced Course in Colville-Okanagan Salish, and;
Čaptíkʷł 3: N̓səl̓xčin Stories for Advanced Learners"

Searching nsyilxcn through the Library

There are a few search terms you can start exploring the resources through the Library:

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  • Syilx AND language
  • "interior Salish" AND language