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HEAL 100: Introduction and Principles of Health and Wellbeing

A course guide for HEAL 100 students

The Question

Does being physically active have a positive impact on university students' academic performance?

Parsing a Question


Population: Who are you interested in?

Intervention: What health related activity are you curious about in relation to this population?

Outcome: What benefit to this group are you interested in?

Concepts & Synonyms

University Students Physical Activity Academic Success
Undergraduate students, College students, Graduate students Exercise, Physical fitness, Swimming, Running Academic achievement, Academic performance

Search Tips

And & OR

Combine search terms with AND to narrow a search. exercise AND "academic success" will look for articles that contain both words. Used for tying the PICO elements together.

Combine search terms with OR to expand a search: exercise OR "physical activity" will look for articles that contain either word. Used for tying synonyms together.

Phrase Searching

Use "quotation marks" to search for a phrase. "physical activity" will look for the two words directly adjacent together. physical activity will look for each word individually anywhere in the article.

The Search

(“undergraduate students” OR “college students” OR “graduate students” OR “university students”) AND ( exercise OR "physical activity" OR "physical fitness" ) AND ( "academic success" OR "academic achievement" OR "academic performance" )