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AUDI 530A Library workshop


  • To  help me provide a relevant workshop that will help you find information for your courses, tell me one or two things  you would like to learn at the workshop.  Please use this Google Doc to record your requests.
  • The workshop is designed to prepare you for your PICO and Medline (OVID) Search assignment.   The Medline database, which is similar to Pubmed, contains scholarly references to research papers relevant to the health sciences, including speech pathology and audiology.  Finding relevant papers in Medline on the Ovid platform is efficient and effective;  but it is a learned skill and to help with this we have created the Medline Guided Exercise.   During the class on Oct 3rd,  I will be demonstrating a search, providing time to practice, and answering questions.  Please come prepared by reviewing the following 5 modules of the guide (estimated time 15-20 minutes):

Workshop Resources